Monday, June 08, 2009

Cover Flow – lots of notes

Yes, I know I’ve already told you that Apple hates me and my family. However, they are at it again. The other day, my son mentions that all of his Rise Against albums are missing their cover art – both on his computer and on his iPod. So I fire up iTunes on my computer. Sure enough, Apple has deleted the cover art PAINSTAKINGLY added to 39 of my 160 albums. Yes, 25% of the album art gone – replaced by these:


Yes, Apple must think that we all want 1/4 of our albums to look like this in iTunes and our iPods – it is just so cool looking who wouldn’t want it to look like that, right?

So – I check my backup copies on the server. Sure enough, iTunes has decided to “update” the afflicted files. The modified date/time is much newer than the backups on my home server. Figuring that if I restore the backups, Apple will decide to “update” them again, I resigned myself to going back to (which got me most of them) and Google images (for the rest) and painstakingly tell iTunes to USE the images again.

Fun, Fun, Fun ‘til Apple Takes our Album Art Away.

Apple: please learn to write software that doesn’t suck like this. Eating your customer’s data is “not cool”.

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