Sunday, April 04, 2010

iPAD Makes the Internet Useless for the Weekend

Boy the newly released Apple iPAD has sure taken over the technology sites on the internet on this launch weekend. Try reading Engadget, Gizmodo, or even BGR. Most (in some cases all) of the articles are about the iPAD. Best apps for the iPAD, your charger won’t work on the iPAD, guy destroys an iPAD with a baseball bat, iPAD optimized porn. OK, the guy with the baseball bat was pretty funny – he probably got tired of the internet being useless all weekend too. But the rest of it? Tech folks, get real. This thing is a 768 x 1024, Flash ignoring, keyboard less, apps more expensive, Star Trek ripping off, expensive magazine reader. That said, if it ran LCARS like the one faked up here, I’d buy it.


For their next Star Trek rip-off, they can make the iCorder (and I’d buy that one too; as long as it could tell me where all those life forms are).

How about on Monday, we get our normal tech sites back on the internet and maybe only one iPAD story per day please?