Saturday, September 03, 2005

If there's smoke, then there's fire

OK, time to rant again...

Does anyone else have any problem with all these people who smoke just throwing their burning cigarettes out the car window? I live in a state (California) that is able to boast one of the lowest percentages of smokers per capita in the US (which has a lower percentage per capita than many places in Europe and from what I understand all of Asia), yet I still see numerous people ignore those ubiquitous signs along the highways that say "Unlawful to throw flaming or burning objects...". It's as if these people (shall we call them inDuhviduals like Scott Adams) can't recognize that these signs are talking about cigarettes. They also ignore the signs that show that littering is a crime worthy of a $1,000 fine - in most jurisdictions more than a speeding ticket or a red light running ticket.

On my way to work (at 4:15 am) I generally see about 150 cars (tops) on my 38 mile drive. Only a few of those cars have the pleasure of being the car directly in front of me, or in the lane next to me where I can see the driver window. But, even with this small sample I see usually 2 to 3 cigarettes flung from windows every morning. On the way home - when it is light - I see the burned areas alongside the road that these inDuhviduals seem to delight in creating. I also see more of these scofflaws throwing out their unwanted stubs. Of course then, at that time that same commute is riddled with cars - just about the worst traffic in the area and we are going about 5 miles per hour - so at least I can yell at the jokers.

I also see in gas stations the way these folks seem to think it is acceptable to just open their door and dump their ash tray on the cement. I guess with the scarring of their lungs from the cancer sticks it would be too hard to walk over to the garbage can that is right next to the damn gas pump and dump their ash tray.

Any ideas on how to combat this?

  • Have a web site that we can post license plate numbers to of cars we see with people doing this? When you get reported a couple of times you get a ticket?
  • Design cars so that the windows won't roll down when there is cigarette smoke in the car?
  • Something better?
What's your favorite thing to yell at these people when you see them?


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