Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The View from afar

I've been attending a session at Microsoft this week that the attendees have been asked not to blog about. So I won't. However, there have been some discussions with other attendees that have nothing to do with the actual sessions that aren't covered by the prohibition against comment. So those are fair game.

Yesterday, I got the chance to catch up with an influential IT person from a really large company and chat about Vista. He was concerned that there really weren't enough business drivers for moving his machines over to Vista. We talked about the important fixed features like the improved cache manager / offline files that brings all documents that you open on the network local and manipulates them on your local drive (a big win for slower links), the destkop composition engine and the ability to run applications at different apparent resolutions, etc. However, at this point there still isn't enough Vista "there" for him to be convinced. Not being an MS evangelist (at least not being paid to be), I was pretty much done. We talked about Vista being the right answer for new hardware purchased in 2007, but that was as far as he'd go.

Sounds to me like MS needs to pump up the marketing machine and make any wins that are there in the product more obvious to IT managers and CIO's. If they don't, there will be a hard sell getting senior management to approve upgrading.

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